Rachel Dolezal: The Witchunt Continues

What we would expect to see in the case of Rachel Dolezal is evidence that her experience is not confined by time and space: that in the criss crossing of holones, her spiritual reality is shaped by the past- just as much as it is shaped by the present.
We can see this rather dramatically in the case of her beautiful painting, “The Slave Ship.” Rachel is truly a talented artist who draws upon both cultural themes and historical trauma while  tapping deeply into the interwoven spiritual fabric of black identity. The “Slave Ship,” her painting, is not Turner’s. It is hers, but only in so far as her life and her work ever belonged to a specific individual living at any one time. Her painting is stunning proof of what we should all be starting to suspect by now: Rachel Dolezal’s life has been shaped by events in the deep past that have in turn birthed the present. Turner’s artistic genius was to be able to portray that reality, a shared reality, that of artist and slave, for whom the world must have looked both equally bleak and equally hopeful.       Rachel-Dolezal


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