Rachel Dolezal: Victim of a Parental Vendetta?

Rachel’s white biological parents have just about left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth no matter what you may think of Rachel’s trans racial identity.

It’s the almost pathological vindictiveness with which they go after her. It’s relentless. One might even be forgiven for thinking that this is an unusual reaction from parents under the circumstances.

Clearly the family are estranged but there seems to be something else: the parents are trying to discredit Rachel on every level. Basically, they are calling her a compulsive liar. Immediately after the Lauer interview, the parents were predictably on hand to mock everything their daughter said. This included slamming Rachel’s memory of identifying as black even as a 5 year old.

Clearly there is something more at work. The parents need to prove Rachel is a liar. A liar about being trans racial, about her childhood, about her past- about everything.

And the question is why?

Well what we do know is that Rachel has accused her parents of abuse for years and that her white biological brother is the subject of four sexual assault charges. Rachel has supported the victim’s claims against her own brother.

Meanwhile, Larry and Ruthanne, Rachel’s biological parents, claim that the brother’s legal troubles are ‘separate.’

Really? So why the campaign to discredit Rachel at every step?


One thought on “Rachel Dolezal: Victim of a Parental Vendetta?

  1. This is a very true but you cannot pick a race. She probably has absolutely no black ancestors. It’s hurtful that person can dress up as you and falsely claim a history she nor her parents experienced. And lie about being discriminated.


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